Bridesmaids – The Celebrity Edition

Posted by on 30 Sep, 2011


With the recent release of ‘Bridesmaids’ on DVD, it only seems fitting to feature the key supporting players in the wedding party – your best girlfriends.  Forget the pastel wonderlands of the past and the unflattering bridesmaid dresses, take note of how these famous faces showed up in stunning gowns that didn’t take the spotlight off the bride.  It may even spark some ideas when deciding on mother of the bride outfits.

Ashley Olsen


Keira Knightly


Rachel Bilson


Kate Bosworth


Cameron Diaz


Jessica Biel


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  1. On 21 Oct, 2011, Elegant Wedding Invitations said:

    Haha. Now those are some familiar faces.

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    • On 21 Oct, 2011, Bridezilla said:

      They must have been some super confident brides to put a movie star in their bridal party line up…but hey, makes for interesting pictures.

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  2. On 23 Oct, 2011, Party Invitation Templates said:

    Who would want to have celebrities as their bridesmaids?

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  3. On 23 Oct, 2011, Wedding Invitations Australia said:

    They will be stealing all the thunder. Who would want that?

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  4. On 23 Oct, 2011, DIY Wedding Invitations said:

    Wow! Some famous people taking a step back for once.

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  5. On 24 Oct, 2011, Leagh@bunchesdirect said:

    They all look great! We are all people:) It is also a nice opportunity to catch the bride’s bouquet! Thanks for sharing!

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  6. On 25 Oct, 2011, Unique Wedding Invitations said:

    Celebrity bridesmaids watch starts again.

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  7. On 26 Oct, 2011, Christening Invitations said:

    Both Rachel Bilson and kate Bosworth look gorgeous.

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  8. On 27 Oct, 2011, Marissa - After Flats said:

    I love the black bridesmaid dress! and Ashley and Kate look gorgeous in them!

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  9. On 31 Oct, 2011, Baby Invitations said:

    Jessica Alba looks so adorable here.

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  10. On 31 Oct, 2011, Hens Night Invitations said:

    Kate Bosworth looks stunning in that picture. Look at how the groomsmen are going head over heels to help her.

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  11. On 01 Nov, 2011, Wedding Invitations Sydney Online said:

    Rachel Bilson’s gown looks so adorable. So does she in fact.

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