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Can I Get an Extra Side of Sauce with that Wedding Tradition? Racy Wedding Customs from Around the World

Groom removes bride's garter.

Posted on 13. May, 2013 by .

TweetI was at a wedding recently. Which isn’t that odd, given my age. Sometimes it feels like I might as well block off the next three years of weekends to accommodate all of my friends and relatives getting married. Anyhow, after the ceremony, which was a beautiful outdoor affair, a fairly typical reception, for an […]

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Bridezilla Conundrum: Do You Really Have to Invite Everyone on the Big Day?

Angry Bride

Posted on 08. Feb, 2013 by .

TweetWe all have that one person who is just kind of in our lives — for better or worse. Whether it’s a weird uncle, your best friend’s annoying sister, or the snarky gal you work with, everyone has someone in their lives that they can’t really stand, but are stuck with. Of course, you know […]

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4 Reasons You Should Talk to a Divorce Lawyer before Getting Married

Wedding Rings and Gavel

Posted on 23. Jan, 2013 by .

Tweet No one wants to begin their life with another person by thinking about its potential end.  But, guess what, folks?  Divorce happens to about half of all married couples.  (And if you’re a bridezilla, your odds are likely higher.) Below are 4 reasons even the most splendidly solid couples should seek the advice of […]

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5 Tips For the Perfect Wedding Day Smile

Smiling bride

Posted on 03. Dec, 2012 by .

Tweet A good smile is a necessity on your wedding day.  After all, you’ll be taking pictures that will remain in your family for generations. Below is some advice on achieving the perfect wedding day smile.  Some of it is intuitive and simple; some is complicated and time consuming.  Luckily, there are a number of […]

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Social Media Weddings: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Questlove Instagram Photos of David Cross and Amber Tamblyn Wedding

Posted on 21. Nov, 2012 by .

TweetWhether you love or loathe Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all the other social media channels that are springing up, there is no denying that they are becoming increasingly popular.  They seem to be infiltrating every part of our lives, with many sharing their most personal thoughts and even photos with the world. The social media […]

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Guest Post: Always a Bridesmaid Never a Bride

bride and bridesmaid

Posted on 12. Sep, 2012 by .

TweetHow To Handle It When All Your Friends Are Getting Married. If you’re single, you might experience conflicting emotions when a friend tells you that she got engaged last night, or when you log into your Facebook page only to see a photo of your best friend from fourth grade holding up her hand with […]

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Guest Post: 6 Month Guide to Planning Your Wedding

Wedding by AfroDad

Posted on 11. Sep, 2012 by .

TweetSome of us dream about (and plan for) our weddings from the moment we’re told our first fairy tales. Others of us, well, let’s just say our journey to the altar is something more of a frantic, discombobulated sprint. Whether you’re a busy professional with a lot on your plate, you don’t want to devote […]

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Is “Dry Wedding” an Oxymoron?

Posted on 05. Sep, 2012 by .

Tweet Invitations and Expectations When I RSVP “yes” to a wedding, I feel that I am entering into a social contract with the bride and groom. I will travel to the wedding locale, bearing a gift off the registry. I will smile tenderly while every groomsman, bridesmaid and long-winded uncle toasts to the happy couple. […]

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6 Things Not to Do at a Wedding

Wedding ceremony chairs

Posted on 27. Aug, 2012 by .

Tweet No matter how many articles are written on wedding etiquette, there will always be the drunk uncle.  He’s a lost cause.  For the rest of us, however, there are a few situations we can easily avoid to ensure weddings are pleasant experiences for all. Below are 6 things not to do at a wedding.  […]

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7 Celebrity Couples Who Said ‘I Don’t’

Diamond Engagement Ring

Posted on 31. Jul, 2012 by .

Tweet It’s never a happy event when an engagement ends.  All that initial excitement and promise turns to just so much dust, often leaving at least one of the participants shell-shocked and disappointed.  Of course, when the partners are celebrities, the rest of us can’t help but feel a bit of schadenfreude at their misfortune. […]

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