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Celebrity Style on a Budget: Famous Bouquets You Can Recreate

Kate Middleton Wedding

Posted on 21. Dec, 2012 by .

TweetSometimes every detail of a celebrity wedding seems like an elaborate fantasy that you could never attain. But a lot of celebrities’ bridal bouquets can be recreated quickly and inexpensively by hand. And what’s more special than walking down the aisle with a bouquet of your own making? Take a look at some famous arrangements […]

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Label Lust: Max Chaoul


Posted on 25. Jan, 2011 by .

Tweet French bridal couturier Max Chaoul brings forth gorgeous, light-as-air bridal gowns.  As the head of his own company that is now entering its 10th year, Chaoul is basking in the glory of his couture gowns and the fame they are claiming worldwide.  What began as a boutique in Lyons, France has now grown to […]

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Bergdorf Goodman Inspiration Board


Posted on 18. Jan, 2011 by .

Tweet The legendary Bergdorf Goodman window displays reveal a wellspring of inspiration to draw from.  Take this fantastical snapshot of a dusky reflection blurring the whimsy of a topiary-style circus.  Step right up and find the spark that will bring to life the show to end all shows – your big day.

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Celebrity Perfume Ads to Inspire a Wedding


Posted on 12. Jan, 2011 by .

TweetDesigners and celebrities go arm-in-arm these days.  From models-turned-household names to red carpet actresses who can carry a gorgeous gown better than anyone I know, these photographic women are helping push the designer perfume industry to new heights.  In their individual campaigns, they range from urban chic to evening sleek.  Each of their styles can […]

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This Year’s Biggest Weddings (Part II)


Posted on 08. Jan, 2011 by .

TweetThere were so many engagements within the celebrity world last year that we needed a two-part post to cover just some of them.  Part I covered some of the more, shall we say regal, engagements.  Part II takes on a few of our favorite tabloid darlings to help spice things up.  Again, for clarification, these […]

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This Year’s Biggest Weddings (Part I)


Posted on 05. Jan, 2011 by .

TweetWell, at the very least, they’re the biggest engagements of last year likely leading to the biggest weddings of this year.  Last year we saw some big names tie the knot including the much-talked about pop couple, Katy Perry and Russell Brand.  This year is set to be even bigger when none other than the […]

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Black Swan Inspiration Board


Posted on 25. Dec, 2010 by .

Tweet Drawn to the dark side – escape from a world of beautiful ballet and enter into the dramatic.  Bold shades of night separate the bridezillas from the brides, while pops of cool turquoise offset vibrant coral (inspired by Natalie Portman’s glowing eyes in full Black Swan regalia).  Find your balance between the power of […]

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5 Starlets to Inspire a Red Carpet Wedding


Posted on 18. Dec, 2010 by .

TweetTake your wedding from spectacular to red carpet-worthy with a gown that leaves them stunned in their seats.  This year’s award ceremony circuit brought out a bevy of beautiful gowns as Hollywood’s top names showed up in dresses fit for a bride; some of the dresses even came from designer bridal collections.  Fashioned every which […]

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Fairytale Wonderland Inspiration Board


Posted on 17. Dec, 2010 by .

Tweet Alice in Wonderland’s White Queen is all aglow softly wrapped up in a halo of light.  With her graceful gestures and compassionate demeanor, she transforms the definition of the fairytale queen.  Transform the definition of bridezilla and become a queen for a day in your very own winter white fairytale wonderland.

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Marie Antoinette Wedding Inspiration Board


Posted on 13. Dec, 2010 by .

Tweet Always grand and over-the-top, Marie Antoinette personifies the rococo lifestyle of the historically royal and famous.  The bright, cheerful pastels that created the lush landscape of the film are ideal for a wedding inspiration board fit for a queen, or in this case, a bridezilla.

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