Funny Caption Friday

Posted by on 12 Feb, 2010

It’s Friday and time for some photo fun! Comment below with your caption to this funny wedding photo:
funny wedding photos -bridezilla caption.jpg
Here are bridezilla’s captions:
This is what happens when you mess with bridezilla
Step away from the cake
What do you mean, you didn’t pick up the wedding favors?
Comment below with your own and have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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  1. On 15 Feb, 2010, bridal jewelry said:

    That was funny. I really like it.

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  2. On 17 Feb, 2010, Tebori said:

    “Don’t worry. The cake is safe, it’s not what she’s after.”

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  3. On 20 Feb, 2010, Deniz | Kent Wedding Photographer said:

    “I already had a shave darling.”

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