The Only Wedding Planning Book Worth Buying

Posted by on 25 Jun, 2008

wedding-book-200x200.jpgA lesser bride might be content with a slim volume of trendy wedding tips, but Bridezillas will not settle for anything less than the godmother wedding planning book. Plus, carrying this considerable tome will give you those elusive Angelina arms you’ve been wanting for your strapless dress.
A Few Wedding Planning Gems Inside:

  • Never Plan a Wedding During Daylight Savings Weekend
  • Bridal Bodyguards-Mindy appoints a lookout to make sure her bride doesn’t see any other bride on the Big Day. We concur!
  • As you scout for your location, don’t forget to case the bathroom situation and figure out if there’s enough power on site to supply your whole event.
  • Use photo booth photography to make your Save the Date cards.
  • Don’t forget your wedding shopping underwear! (Trying on wedding gowns is not a private experience)
    Not blowing your budget on bridal magazines and picking up this timeless tome instead? Bridezilla calls that a “Weiss” Investment. Bridezilla Bonus Tip: This book makes a great heirloom to hand down to future bridal generations.

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