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Top 10 Bridezilla Weddings of the Decade

star jones wedding picture bridezilla.jpg

Posted on 30. Dec, 2009 by .

TweetWe’re on the brink of a new decade! During the last ten years, we’ve seen some of the most extravagant weddings ever. Before the clock strikes midnight and a new year begins, let’s take a look back at the best bridezilla weddings of the decade. 10. Star Jones The ultimate bridezilla got her 2004 wedding […]

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Happy Holidays From Bridezilla

bridezilla christmas card.jpg

Posted on 23. Dec, 2009 by .

TweetWe wish you a joyful holiday season! Here’s hoping you get glittery gifts that don’t suck. It’s the thought that counts, but good taste that’s appreciated. Suffering from holiday boredom? Comment with a link to the funniest or most “bridezilla” holiday card you can find. Hope you enjoy ours.

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The Best Planner Ever, from momAgenda


Posted on 16. Dec, 2009 by .

TweetHappy holidays bridezilla beauties! If you’re looking for a last-minute gift for the bridezilla to keep her organized and cut down on those “zilla” moments, the myAgenda (from momAgenda) is it. Just look at mine. It’s tickled pink, sparkly and personalized for bridezilla in silver (swoon!). Designed by the makers of the momAgenda, a super-chic […]

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The 8 Worst Proposals, Ever

police raid worst proposals.png

Posted on 30. Nov, 2009 by .

Tweet‘Tis the season for proposals. The love of your life on bended knee under glittering snowfall and twinkling Christmas lights. You unwrap a special gift under mistletoe and say “yes” with a kiss, tears streaming down your face. Please be aware: Proposals rarely live up to the romantic expectations fed to us by diamond advertisements. […]

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Bridezilla Gives Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving to someone as ungrateful as me

Posted on 25. Nov, 2009 by .

TweetA special thank you to our readers! Drink lots of wine, forget about the wedding and bridal bootcamps (if only for a day) and indulge in extra helpings of pumpkin pie. And laugh. Here’s a special card from all of us to all of you. Enjoy!

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Totally Bizarre Wedding Invitations


Posted on 12. Nov, 2009 by .

TweetA wedding invitation should never illicit the response “” You’re inviting guests to share the biggest day of your life. When they rip open the envelope and begin to check their mental calendar, they’re already wondering if your wedding will be better than theirs and if you’re going to have an open bar (worth attending) […]

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How to Negotiate with Wedding Vendors (Bridezilla Style)


Posted on 06. Nov, 2009 by .

TweetMost of us would spare no expense when it comes to the elusive perfect wedding. We want it all: the Vera Wang gown spun from flawless organza, a band that sounds just like Journey, a burgeoning Annie Leibovitz to snap a million pictures…. Some of us have been dreaming of this perfect wedding since we […]

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Cool Wedding Theme Alert: Birch Tree Bonanza

Posted on 30. Oct, 2009 by .

TweetHappy Halloween, dearest bridezillas. Lately, I’ve been so inspired by creative brides who think way outside the box that I decided to kick off a cool wedding themes series. It’s late fall and our wedding theme of the day is (drum roll, please) the birch tree. Before you wonder if bridezilla has gone country, consider […]

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Bridezillas Casting Call

bridezilla casting call flyer.jpg

Posted on 21. Oct, 2009 by .

TweetOnce in awhile, we receive your applications to the WeTV’s show, “bridezillas.” Although your descriptions of your bridezilla best friends and relatives are certainly amusing, we’re not associated with the TV show and can in NO WAY help your ride to reality show stardom. You’d have a better chance if you tried your own balloon-boy […]

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5 Scariest Wedding Themes of All Time

clown bride.jpg

Posted on 16. Oct, 2009 by .

TweetEvery October, we check out the best in Halloween-themed weddings: cute costumes, candy corn favors, adorable bride-and-groom skeleton cakes. But this year, we turned in the cute for bone chilling. Take a walk with bridezilla through our wedding haunted house. But you may not get out alive….. 1. Clown Wedding

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