Real Weddings

Step into the world of “Real Weddings,” a glittering showcase of love’s grandeur! Here, every “I do” is a testament to romance, each celebration a unique tapestry woven with joyous moments and opulent details. From breathtaking venues to sumptuous feasts, and from whimsical themes to the chicest of bridal couture, these are the stories of couples who’ve turned their nuptial dreams into splendid reality. Prepare to be inspired by the splendor and heartwarming authenticity of these fabulous real-life fairytales.

Celebrity Bridal Bouquets You Can Create

Celebrity Style on a Budget: Famous Bouquets You Can Recreate


Sometimes every detail of a celebrity wedding seems like an elaborate fantasy that you could never attain. But a lot ...

Questlove Instagram Photos of David Cross and Amber Tamblyn Wedding

Social Media Weddings: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


Whether you love or loathe Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all the other social media channels that are springing up, there ...

Angry Bride

Guest Post: 5 Ways to Be the Worst Bridesmaid Ever


Are you a member of a bridal party who is tired of being kind and supportive? Largely inspired by a ...

Matching Jewelry for Your Wedding

Guest Post: Matching Jewelry for Your Wedding (Flowchart)



Wedding Rain Out by Flickr user Sister72

Guest Post: 6 Signs That Your Destination Wedding Vendor Is Terrible


One of the biggest problems with hiring a vendor from afar is that you never know how reputable they are, or ...

Infographic Cover

Guest Post: Love Don't Cost a Thing… Or Does It? (Infographic)


Full infographic after the jump.

Venice Wedding Theme

Guest Post: How to Balance a Traditional White Wedding with a Unique Flavor


Despite the fact that it’s the year 2012, many brides are still opting for traditional wedding elements. However, they also ...

Experience Gifts

Guest Post: Outside the Box Wedding Gift Ideas


You got to the registry too late and everything is out of your price range and picked over, or you ...


Top 5 Celebrity Wedding Rings of 2010


The year of the Tiger brought on a bundle of celebrity weddings, and with celebrity weddings comes extravagant, sometimes gaudy, ...

Funny Caption Friday: Nothing Scarier than a Clown


This wedding photo will be dancing into bridezilla’s nightmares all weekend long. Yes, it’s time for another funny caption Friday, ...

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