Guest Post: How to Balance a Traditional White Wedding with a Unique Flavor


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Venice Wedding Theme
Venice Wedding Theme
A Venice themed wedding. Photo by Flickr user county marquees.

Despite the fact that it’s the year 2012, many brides are still opting for traditional wedding elements. However, they also want to add in bits of their own flavor. It’s possible to be both traditional and unique in a range of wedding planning categories.

The Ceremony

Traditional weddings are held in churches, chapels, synagogues and other religious houses of worship. Couples can ask for permission to craft their own vows or to add a special prayer during the service. Some faiths do permit outdoor wedding ceremonies, so couples from these backgrounds can select a park or picnic area to play host to the exchanging of vows.

The Reception Hall

It’s tricky to find a balance between a traditional and unique venue; however, they do exist. Outdoor venues that lack air conditioning on a hot summer’s day or parks that provide only portable restroom facilities are not suitable options. However, large libraries and country clubs are two venues that offer traditional dining, restroom and comfort elements, while still permitting couples to exude their style. Additionally, couples could look for traditional reception halls that will allow them to personalize the set-up of the tables, colors of the linens and so forth.

The Dress and Other Attire

As most people know, the traditional color for a wedding gown is white. Venturing into ivories, creams, eggshell whites and diamond whites is just fine, while opting for gowns with streams of other colors on them though is starting to push the border. Brides can add plenty of vibrant colours to their bouquets. Additionally, while the groom should opt for a colored vest that compliments his intended’s gown, the other men in the bridal party can have a colored vest to match the bridesmaids’ gowns.


Decorations need not be humdrum simply because the couple wants to keep certain elements traditional. Choosing centrepieces made out of crystal vines, elegant fish bowls with branches or other non-floral material allows an expression of the couple’s style without interfering with any traditional elements. Couples can also choose to donate money to a charity instead of giving out the traditional tokens of appreciation: favors.

Seating Arrangements

Gone are the days when the entire bridal party must sit in a long, single line, incapable of speaking to anyone except their direct neighbor. Instead of separating couples in which one member serves as a bridal party member and one does not, they can sit together. Couples can create tables reserved for bridal party members and their dates only or tables that allow bridal party members to sit with their closest family members and friends.


Themes can be subtly planted into the affair without interrupting the traditional flow of events. For example, a vampire theme might be something you can incorporate in a small way with broaches, small details on the invitation, name plates, handbags, shoes, flowers and a black theme running through the color décor, which perfectly balances what you want with a more traditional wedding. However, you might want everyone dressed up, coffins and a hearse as you transportation but this would be something of a spectacle wedding rather than more traditional.

Clearly, it is possible for the couple’s unique style to shine through in a wedding, even if they are staying with many of the traditional elements.

Rebecca is writing on behalf of, dealing with everything that sparkles for the big day in terms of jewelry and engagement rings. Rebecca is currently studying fashion and aspires to eventually own her own bridal boutique and has plenty of tips on outfits, hair, jewellery including diamond jewellery information and everything else you will need to make the day extra special.

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  1. We agree that you can still have a traditional wedding with individual and unique themes, right down to creating your own inspired engagement and wedding rings.


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