Top 10 Engagment Facts and Trends Infographic

Infographic: Top 10 Engagement Facts and Trends


Did you know that the average cost of an engagement ring in 2011 was $5,130? Find that and more engagement ...

Smiling bride

5 Tips For the Perfect Wedding Day Smile


A good smile is a necessity on your wedding day.  After all, you’ll be taking pictures that will remain in ...

Angry Bride

Guest Post: 5 Ways to Be the Worst Bridesmaid Ever


Are you a member of a bridal party who is tired of being kind and supportive? Largely inspired by a ...

Wedding by AfroDad

Guest Post: 6 Month Guide to Planning Your Wedding


Some of us dream about (and plan for) our weddings from the moment we’re told our first fairy tales. Others ...

Wedding ceremony chairs

6 Things Not to Do at a Wedding


No matter how many articles are written on wedding etiquette, there will always be the drunk uncle.  He’s a lost ...

Matching Jewelry for Your Wedding

Guest Post: Matching Jewelry for Your Wedding (Flowchart)



Wedding Rain Out by Flickr user Sister72

Guest Post: 6 Signs That Your Destination Wedding Vendor Is Terrible


One of the biggest problems with hiring a vendor from afar is that you never know how reputable they are, or ...

Infographic Cover

Guest Post: Love Don't Cost a Thing… Or Does It? (Infographic)


Full infographic after the jump.

Venice Wedding Theme

Guest Post: How to Balance a Traditional White Wedding with a Unique Flavor


Despite the fact that it’s the year 2012, many brides are still opting for traditional wedding elements. However, they also ...

Destination Wedding

Guest Post: Planning a Destination Wedding


So you’ve got your wedding budget finally set, and you’re excited to see what kind of gigantic party you can ...