Wedding Humor

Darlings, prepare to giggle and guffaw with “Wedding Humor,” the delightful escape into the lighter side of love’s grand soiree! Revel in the joyous blunders, the charming mishaps, and the cheeky anecdotes that make every wedding a comedy of marital errors. From cake calamities to dance floor disasters, we’re toasting to the hilariously imperfect moments that make nuptials unforgettable. So, fluff up your tulle and straighten your bow tie—it’s time to laugh down the aisle in fabulous style!

Angry Bride

Guest Post: 5 Ways to Be the Worst Bridesmaid Ever


Are you a member of a bridal party who is tired of being kind and supportive? Largely inspired by a ...

Wedding ceremony chairs

6 Things Not to Do at a Wedding


No matter how many articles are written on wedding etiquette, there will always be the drunk uncle.  He’s a lost ...

Diamond Engagement Ring

7 Celebrity Couples Who Said ‘I Don’t’


It’s never a happy event when an engagement ends.  All that initial excitement and promise turns to just so much ...

Dennis Rodman of Stock Photos

Guest Post: 10 of the Weirdest Bride Stock Photos


10) Is she a mime? Perhaps a fan of the Insane Clown Posse. Either way I’m scared for my life.

Tattoo Engagement Ring

10 Interesting (Read: Ugly) Engagement Rings


You know what wrecks a perfectly good proposal?  A crap ring.  Instead of thinking, “Wow, my life’s gonna be great!  ...

The Graduate Final Scene

7 Must-See Movie Wedding Catastrophes


While wedding catastrophes are tragic in Real Life, the schadenfreude of watching another’s special day fall apart often proves irresistible.  ...

Bridezilla Michelle

9 Brilliant Bridezilla Meltdowns


If you’re on this website, you’re probably familiar with WeTV’s giant hit “Bridezillas,” or as I like to call it, ...

Bridesmaids Movie

Bridesmaids Movie Review – Nasty, Vulgar & Funny as Hell


Bridesmaids Survival Kit Giveaway We’re giving away a Bridesmaids Survival Kit to two lucky Bridezilla Facebook fans in honor of ...


Top 5 Celebrity Wedding Rings of 2010


The year of the Tiger brought on a bundle of celebrity weddings, and with celebrity weddings comes extravagant, sometimes gaudy, ...

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