Wedding Humor

Darlings, prepare to giggle and guffaw with “Wedding Humor,” the delightful escape into the lighter side of love’s grand soiree! Revel in the joyous blunders, the charming mishaps, and the cheeky anecdotes that make every wedding a comedy of marital errors. From cake calamities to dance floor disasters, we’re toasting to the hilariously imperfect moments that make nuptials unforgettable. So, fluff up your tulle and straighten your bow tie—it’s time to laugh down the aisle in fabulous style!

Bridezilla Freakout of the Week: Eva Longoria on Desperate Housewives Season 3 Finale


It has been our secret opinion for some time that all Desperate Housewives begin as Bridezillas. Now here’s proof. Press ...