7 Must-See Movie Wedding Catastrophes


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The Graduate Final Scene

Sandra Bullock 28 Days

While wedding catastrophes are tragic in Real Life, the schadenfreude of watching another’s special day fall apart often proves irresistible.  Nuptial calamities (cummerbund malfunctions, ice statue meltdowns, drunk uncles) create incredible fodder for cinema.

Below are seven of the best wedding catastrophes captured on celluloid.  To watch the scenes, click on the pictures. Enjoy!

The Graduate (1967)

Luckily, we were rooting for this “catastrophe.”  When Dustin Hoffman shows up to interrupt Katherine Ross’ wedding, we know he’s all-in: this will either be the best or worst idea of his life.  The result created one of the most iconic final scenes in movie history.

The Graduate Final Scene

The Philadelphia Story (1940)

It’s generally frowned upon to spend the night before your wedding drunk with another man… and yet, that’s exactly the situation Katharine Hepburn finds herself in during “The Philadelphia Story.”  Luckily, Cary Grant is there to pick up the pieces after her nutty night with newspaperman Jimmy Stewart.

The Philadelphia Story

The Hangover (2009)

Of the many mishaps that can befall a wedding, losing the groom on the eve of the ceremony ranks pretty high.

The Hangover

Rachel Getting Married (2007)

We’re used to some fairly dodgy rehearsal dinner speeches, but this one takes the cake. Not-so-recovering alcoholic Anne Hathaway gives the most rambling, embarrassing, self-centered speech in recent memory. Check it out:

Rachel Getting Married

28 Days (2000)

This is really the piece de resistance of wedding catastrophes. A VERY inebriated Sandra Bullock not only destroys her sister’s wedding cake with an ill-timed faceplant, but drunkenly smashes her car into a house in the very next scene.

28 Days Bullock

Kill Bill (2003)

There’s nothing quite like having your psychotic ex-lover and his goons show up on the big day to kill everyone on both sides of the aisle…

Kill Bill Wedding

The Little Mermaid (1989)

Brainwashed Prince Eric almost marries meanie octopus-witch Ursula – luckily he’s helped out by a bloated seagull and a passel of starfish. To add insult to injury, the moment he finds his true Ariel, she sprouts a tail and is drawn to the deep.

Little Mermaid Wedding

Are there any brilliant movie wedding catastrophes we’ve missed? Fill us in on your favorites below!

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  1. Other movies with a messed up wedding scenes:
    My Best Friend’s Wedding
    Date Movie
    Runaway Bride
    Bride Wars
    Wedding Crashers
    Wedding Singer
    Maid in Manhattan
    The Wedding Planner

    And others I can’t think of their names


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