Ten movies to watch before your wedding


Ten movies to watch before your wedding

Wedding season is upon us, and as many brides are preparing to walk down the aisle, some would rather watch movies about weddings. There is something so special about weddings, and when Hollywood turns them into movies, what’s not to love? Here is our list of the top 10 movies to watch before you tie the knot.

Four Weddings and a Funeral

10 Movies To Watch Before Your Wedding - Four Weddings and A Funeral

Four Weddings and a Funeral was released in 1994 and has gotten so much praise for being one of the best romantic comedies for wedding lovers. The movie does feature four different weddings and one funeral. Hugh Grant and Andie MacDowell star in the film, and it has been known as one of the best British films of all time. This was director Richard Curtis’ first movie with Hugh Grant, but not the last as they went on to do Notting Hill together. This movie is full of comedy, romance, and heartbreak.

The Wedding Planner

10 Movies To Watch Before Your Wedding - The Wedding Planner

The Wedding Planner was released in 2001 and stars Jennifer Lopez. Mary, the wedding planner, is so used to planning everyone’s special day for them that she has pretty much given up on any romance for herself. One day, she gets her heel caught in a grate, and a surgeon named Steve, played by Matthew McConaughey, sweeps her off her feet. There is one catch, though. Mary is actually planning his wedding to a bridezilla. This movie is filled with magical moments and plenty of comedy.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

10 Movies To Watch Before Your Wedding - My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Released in 2002, My Big Fat Greek Wedding is about Toula and how her parents insist that she marry a Greek man. She ends up falling for Ian Miller, who is anything but Greek. The movie focuses on the blending of families and cultures. This romantic comedy will fill anyone’s heart with joy, and if you are a bride about to marry into a different culture, this is a must-watch.

Wedding Crashers

10 Movies To Watch Before Your Wedding - Wedding Crashers

Wedding Crashers is another romantic comedy that has gained a lot of attention from fans of Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. They star as Jeremy and John and the movie takes place in Washington, D.C. John and Jeremy are known for their wedding crashing skills and are ready to take on a big wedding. This wedding features the Secretary of the Treasury’s daughter, Gloria, played by Isla Fisher. The men find out that they actually have a thing for one of her bridesmaids, Claire, played by Rachel McAdams. This movie is filled with laughs and if you want to add some more to your night, give it a watch.

27 Dresses

10 Movies To Watch Before Your Wedding - 27 Dresses

27 Dresses is one of the most popular wedding movies to date. Released in 2008, it features Katherine Heigl who has worn 27 weddings as a bridesmaid. This fact has never bothered her, but then her sister asks her to be in her wedding. Her sister is about to marry the man she has a secret love for. James Marsden also stars in this movie as a famous wedding reporter who is in charge of covering this story. This romantic comedy is filled with laughs and some heartbreak. Add it to your list tonight.

Bride Wars

10 Movies To Watch Before Your Wedding - Bride Wars

Bride Wars was released in 2009 and stars Anne Hathaway as Emma and Kate Hudson as Liv. The two of them start as best friends but end up planning their wedding on the same day, June 9th. They both book their special days at the Plaza Hotel, and this begins a feud like no other. Of course, one will have to reschedule the wedding, but they refuse. They decide that this means war and begin to sabotage the other wedding. What will happen? Only comedy and some tears, so be sure to check out this movie for some prank inspiration.


10 Movies To Watch Before Your Wedding - Bridesmaids

One of the funniest movies of all time, Bridesmaids, was released in 2011 and was even nominated for an Academy Award. The movie is about Annie who has been asked to be the maid of honor at her friend, Lillian’s wedding. The problem is that Lillian’s friend, Helen thinks that she should have been the maid of honor. This movie focuses on the roles of women in weddings and just how petty things can get. There is a lot of focus on friendships, romance, and heartbreak. This is one of Kristen Wiig’s best movies. If you need a good laugh, this is the movie for you.

Father of the Bride2022

10 Movies To Watch Before Your Wedding - Father of the Bride 2022

This version of Father of the Bride was released in 2022 and is a remake of the classic. It stars Andy Garcia and Adria Arjona. Garcia stars as Billy who is unsure that he wants his daughter to ever get married. He knows that she is in love with her fiance, Adan, but isn’t sure that he can trust him. The couple wants to move to Mexico when they get married and work for a non-profit. This is not what Billy has in mind for his daughter, to say the least. Billy is excited to throw them a wedding and reveal many secrets.

My Best Friend’s Wedding

10 Movies To Watch Before Your Wedding - My Best Friend's Wedding

My Best Friend’s Wedding is one of Julia Roberts’ best. In the movie, she stars as Julianne, who is in love with her best friend, Michael (Dermot Mulroney). He is engaged to Kimmy (Cameron Diaz), who has been planning their big wedding. Julianne will do anything to sabotage this wedding, including lying and scheming to ensure her best friend falls for her and doesn’t marry Kimmy. This movie is one that put rom-coms on the map, and if you haven’t seen it, now is the time.

Love Actually

10 Movies To Watch Before Your Wedding - Love Actually

There has been much debate about whether Love Actually is a wedding movie, a Christmas movie… or both. This is obviously a beloved classic holiday film, and falling in love is a major theme throughout the film. The first big scene in the movie is Peter and Juliet’s wedding. The band plays “Love is All You Need,” and Juliet walks down the aisle in beauty. Of course, there are twists and turns, but the laughs and tears are there.

If you need some wedding inspiration, these ten films will most definitely set you on your way. Pick out one tonight to curl up to on the couch.

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