Celebrity Style on a Budget: Famous Bouquets You Can Recreate


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Celebrity Bridal Bouquets You Can Create

Sometimes every detail of a celebrity wedding seems like an elaborate fantasy that you could never attain. But a lot of celebrities’ bridal bouquets can be recreated quickly and inexpensively by hand. And what’s more special than walking down the aisle with a bouquet of your own making? Take a look at some famous arrangements and how to recreate them.

Easy Bouquet: Katie Holmes’ Calla Lilies

Many celebs have walked down the aisle with a simple sheath of white calla lilies, and it’s easy to replicate their statuesque simplicity! This arrangement is as simple as can be, and doesn’t require wiring blooms or even a bouquet holder.

Celebrity Bridal Bouquets You Can Create

How to Recreate It:

  1. Buy wholesale calla lilies to cut on cost. Gather them together, and arrange them in a graceful tiered shape.
  2. Wrap securely with floral tape, then cover the tape with wide ribbon.

Moderate Bouquet: Kim Kardashian’s Polo Roses

For a classic statement, nothing works better than a bouquet of simple white silk and roses. The ginkgo-shaped cut-outs on the base of the bouquet make the transition between flowers and ribbon completely seamless. For a customized twist, you can try cutting out a different leaf shape that is special to you.

How to Recreate It:

  1. Cut large ginkgo leaf shapes out of white silk, and use fabric glue to attach them, leaves overlapping, to a bouquet holder.
  2. Outline the round shape of your bouquet by inserting about half of your roses around the outside of the foam base.
  3. Insert a thin wire into the base of each of the remaining rose heads; then cut off the stem and bend the ends back down until they meet. Press the wire into the foam. (Stems are often replaced with wire in order to make the handle of the bouquet less bulky)
  4. Wrap the base of the holder with a wide ribbon.

Difficult Bouquet: Kate Middleton’s Lilies of the Valley

Accented with hyacinth, myrtle, and (as a nod to her husband-to-be) sweet William, the future Queen of England had a stunningly delicate bouquet. Lily of the valley can be expensive, so don’t hesitate to supplement it with a favorite white flower of your own, like freesias, white delphiniums, or lisianthus.

Kate Middleton Wedding

How to Recreate It:

  1. Begin with the lilies of the valley (or whatever you primary flower will be), and form a skeleton of the shape that you want by inserting stems into a foam bouquet holder. Keep the front stems longer than those on the inside to recreate the original shield shape.
  2. Add in the hyacinth, using the same wiring technique as described above. Bend the wires, allowing the blooms to drape downwards from the cone.
  3. Fill in any gaps with the myrtle and sweet William, wiring and attaching in the same way.

After you’ve finished with your creation, mix floral food into a vase of water, and keep the flowers there at a cool room temperature. Make your bouquet a day before the wedding and have plenty of extra flowers on hand, should you need to replace any mistakes. Then just wait to wow the crowd on your big day!

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This post was written by Alyssa, a part-time wedding photographer with an obsession for anything having to do with “the big day.” When not chasing after brides and grooms with her camera, you can typically find Alyssa exploring Seattle with a venti hazelnut latte in hand.

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  1. In any wedding, every detail is so crucial and it can make or break the whole thing, well, if you are the bride that is. One essential part of the perfect wedding is the bouquet and there are many brides who don’t really know what to do about it so it really does pay to look at wedding magazines and even pictures of celebrities’ wedding pictures on the internet.


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