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Black Swan Inspiration Board


Posted on 25. Dec, 2010 by .

Tweet Drawn to the dark side – escape from a world of beautiful ballet and enter into the dramatic.  Bold shades of night separate the bridezillas from the brides, while pops of cool turquoise offset vibrant coral (inspired by Natalie Portman’s glowing eyes in full Black Swan regalia).  Find your balance between the power of […]

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Ritani “Reluctant Groom-to-Be” Contest


Posted on 21. Dec, 2010 by .

Tweet This goes out to all the bridezillas who are tired of nudging, whispering and finally blatantly telling their guy they want a ring on their finger and they want it now! Ritani is the leading designer of engagement rings, wedding bands and diamond fashion jewelry.  To help forge a beautiful new wedded relationship, Ritani […]

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5 Starlets to Inspire a Red Carpet Wedding


Posted on 18. Dec, 2010 by .

TweetTake your wedding from spectacular to red carpet-worthy with a gown that leaves them stunned in their seats.  This year’s award ceremony circuit brought out a bevy of beautiful gowns as Hollywood’s top names showed up in dresses fit for a bride; some of the dresses even came from designer bridal collections.  Fashioned every which […]

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Fairytale Wonderland Inspiration Board


Posted on 17. Dec, 2010 by .

Tweet Alice in Wonderland’s White Queen is all aglow softly wrapped up in a halo of light.  With her graceful gestures and compassionate demeanor, she transforms the definition of the fairytale queen.  Transform the definition of bridezilla and become a queen for a day in your very own winter white fairytale wonderland.

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Holiday Gifts for Friends and Frenemies

Posted on 14. Dec, 2010 by .

TweetThe annual grinchzilla gift guide! Let’s be honest:  no one actually likes shopping for other people.  It’s boring. The malls are so crowded you’re guaranteed to get run over by a stroller at least once.  And every year, you face one of two shopping scenarios: Scenario One: You spend hours sleuthing the crowded mall for […]

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Marie Antoinette Wedding Inspiration Board


Posted on 13. Dec, 2010 by .

Tweet Always grand and over-the-top, Marie Antoinette personifies the rococo lifestyle of the historically royal and famous.  The bright, cheerful pastels that created the lush landscape of the film are ideal for a wedding inspiration board fit for a queen, or in this case, a bridezilla.

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Top 5 Celebrity Wedding Rings of 2010


Posted on 06. Dec, 2010 by .

TweetThe year of the Tiger brought on a bundle of celebrity weddings, and with celebrity weddings comes extravagant, sometimes gaudy, wish-we-could-have-it, one-of-a-kind rings.  Some of the couples to stroll down the aisle this year included Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr, Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford, and Penelope Cruz and Javier […]

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Coco Mademoiselle Wedding Inspiration Board


Posted on 03. Dec, 2010 by .

Tweet Bathed in diamonds and pearls, wrapped in opulent silks and wearing a heightened air of sophistication, Chanel’s fragrance for the youth of the night serves as inspiration for elegant, art-deco-kissed weddings.

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Before there was Gaga, there was Isabella Blow

Alexander McQueen and Isabella Blow by David LaChapelle

Posted on 30. Nov, 2010 by .

TweetTruly inspired flashes of creativity only strike once in a while, that’s why they inspire us so much.  A little credit where credit is due would be a lovely gesture from pop’s latest queen, Lady Gaga, as she clearly found her forward footsteps from the outrageously divine Isabella Blow. The Patron Saint of Fearless Fashion […]

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A Happy Thanksgiving from Bridezilla

Posted on 24. Nov, 2010 by .

TweetNothing says Thanksgiving like a turkey feather-wedding gown. This plucky bride has more in common with bridezilla than you might think. Turkey Day is one of my favorite holidays and this year, it just so happens to fall on my anniversary (hello Jake)! That’s right, I was a Black Friday bride. Turkey Day Soiree Photos […]

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