Bridezilla Ballot: Pre-Ceremony Wedding Pictures

Posted by on 17 Jul, 2007

Today, Bridezilla brings to the ballot a very modern and controversial wedding trend: pre-ceremony wedding pictures. Clearly, this means that instead of ducking out of the reception, you get the pictures all finished before the ceremony and then are free to get down at your reception, no worrying about mussed hair and mascara streaks, no time away from the guests.
On the other hand, pre-ceremony pictures mean breaking the sacred “no seeing the bride before the wedding” tradition because the first time the groom sees you will be for the pictures, pre-walk down the aisle. However, some brides say sharing this private moment with the groom before the festivities began was a great idea, helping to calm wedding jitters and enjoying a stolen moment before you are separated by social obligations for the rest of the night. Oooh, toughie!

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  1. On 17 Jul, 2007, spencer said:

    As a former wedding and event coordinator, I agree with those that feel it’s a great way to calm both bride and groom…
    Thanks for sharing… Nice blog by the way…
    Ms. Spencer
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