Buy panties, baseball tees, tracksuits at The Bridezilla Boutique

Posted by on 12 Jun, 2007

Today is a truly banner moment in the admittedly always- blissful life of Bridezilla…it is the moment when our dream of fierce fashion for the wedding masses has finally been realized.
In addition to our very own Lil Shop of Zilla, we have opened a second branch, The Bridezilla Boutique, comprised purely of brand-name bridezilla fashion and specialty goods. Why? Because Bridezilla has to look good in all phases of wedding planning, from beauty sleeping to stairmastering, and no one understands that better than Miss B herself. Visit The Bridezilla Boutique to get bridezilla t-shirts, baseball tees, and thongs-everything you need to look chic all day long!
Buy this and more at Bridezilla’s new store!bzthong2.jpg

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