Fairytale Wonderland Inspiration Board

Posted by on 17 Dec, 2010


Alice in Wonderland’s White Queen is all aglow softly wrapped up in a halo of light.  With her graceful gestures and compassionate demeanor, she transforms the definition of the fairytale queen.  Transform the definition of bridezilla and become a queen for a day in your very own winter white fairytale wonderland.


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  1. On 12 Jul, 2011, Leagh@bunchesdirect said:

    Nice inspiration board! The spirit of sweet madness, absurdity and grotesque atmosphere – that could be concept of wedding ,if it matches the character and outlook of the bride and groom.

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    • On 12 Jul, 2011, Bridezilla said:

      Definitely! If the couple is quirky, nothing could be better than a bit of Alice in Wonderland (without being too obvious or gimmicky) adding whimsy to a wedding.

      Boy, that was a lot of “a” and “w” alliteration.

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