New: Free Wedding Announcements on Bridezilla!

Posted by on 13 Oct, 2008

Who needs The New York Times or Page Six? If you are a recently engaged or married Zilla, we will post your wedding announcement right here on for free!

So what are you waiting for? Send us your announcement, and don’t scrimp any details on your meet-cute, your dreamy proposal, your shiny rock, or the juicy details of your dapper Groomzilla! Pictures, wedding website links, shameless plugs to get on the Bridezilla show…it’s all welcome!

Share your love with the world today! Email us at with the subject heading “Wedding Announcement.” Get more details after the jump!

To qualify for a free Bridezilla Wedding Announcement, just write in and let us know:

  1. How you and your Groomzilla met
  2. The Wedding Date
  3. The Proposal Story
  4. Your Biggest BrIdezilla Moment So Far
  5. Why You Have the Greatest Groomzilla in the World

That’s it! Just five simple questions, a spectacular picture of your choice, and your Bridezilla wedding announcement is complete. Submit to

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