Nubar Nail Polish: Seven Gifts for Seven Bridesmaids

Posted by on 02 Jul, 2007

Because Bridezilla is a firm believer in breaking down bulk bridal gift sets into individual bridesmaid gifts, we were delighted to receive the Nubar nail polish Winter Lacquer Trousseau Collection in the post. Nestled in festive pink packing peanuts, the Bridezilla staff was initially afraid the name referred to a particularly invasive new form of of birth control. So imagine our pleasure when we unveiled this handy little briefcase of beauteous nail polish (beautiful and business-like, so Bridezilla). However, because Bridezilla’s polish tastes run more to blood-curdling red and espresso shades, we immediately identified this set of six nail polish colors and one top coat as a perfect bridesmaid gift, or gifts. Read on for a full review.

Bridezilla’s pet peeve is glossy pink nail polishes (or lip glosses, for that matter) that look super- colorful in the case but then go on sheer. We are happy to report this is not the case with Nubar nails. Look here for a nail-by-nail comparison of the various colors enclosed. From right: Pinkie-Je’taime, Ring Finger-Pink Bustier, Middle Finger-Pink Sachet, Index Finger-Blushing Bride, and Thumb-Pink Cami. nailpolish_hand2_300.jpg
Pink Cami was the sheerest of the pack, but would still be good for a bridesmaid who prefers subtle sparkle. Give this set as bridesmaid gifts in its entirety, or break it down into individual gifts in the name of personalization: Blushing Bride for the Barbie bridesmaid, a top coat for the practical gal in the bunch. For your MOH, why not give her Je’taime, our favorite polish from the bunch, displayed below?
Great for bridal showers or bridesmaid getaways, this nail polish kit is nice because it is both a beauty accessory and a potential bonding activity all in one. Bridezilla approves!

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