Should Carrie Marry Big…And other Monday Bridezilla Bites

Posted by on 12 May, 2008

Sangria. Citronelle candles. Spanx. Tis the season of summer weddings, and the always-brilliant She Finds has a fab round-up of fashionable wedding wear. What we love most about She Finds is their dedication to figure-friendly attire, so click here to see the swoon-worthy Betsey Johnson perfect for balmy summer evenings.

Mother’s Day has come and gone, but it is still worth reading this beautiful tribute written by a daughter going through wedding planning without her deceased mother. This Modern Love article really makes you realize how much of a mother-daughter bonding experience wedding planning is, and might make you a little more patient the next time your Momzilla utters the unfailingly annoying “Are you sure….”’s Wedding Bits has 3 Burning Questions regarding the upcoming Sex and the City movie. Take the poll here:

For the record, Bridezilla believes the film would be strongest if Carrie stayed single, and we certainly don’t think she should get back together with that passive-aggressive chicken-wing-eater carpenter who replaced her the second she said “I don’t.” Help us sway the tide, Bridezillas! Ahem. We mean, of course you are welcome to your own unbiased opinion.

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