Wedding Hair Fit for a Fashion Show

Posted by on 20 Sep, 2011


It takes just the right do to polish off the perfect dress and nothing makes a statement quite like styles straight from the runway.  From classic to eye-catching, make your look pop from head-to-toe with an ultra special do.  Drama addicts can copy the work of art as is while queens of class can easily translate a scene-stealing style into a breezy and demure part of the overall look.  Choose your own level.


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  1. On 21 Sep, 2011, Scop said:

    Great hairdoos. If your happy the kids and grand kids would think wow when you show the the photos.

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    • On 21 Sep, 2011, Bridezilla said:

      Exactly…it’s all about how you carry yourself in the end. Whether you go big-time drama or very natural, if you’re beaming, you’ll be stunning with or without the “do.”

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  2. On 22 Sep, 2011, Villa Manuel said:

    I am confused to decide which one is better than another. They all are superb!

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    • On 22 Sep, 2011, Bridezilla said:

      They definitely all have their own personality.

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  3. On 07 Nov, 2011, Juicy Meester said:

    Bridezilla’s hairstyles are very …how to say?! Creative and really a rich visual feast to me and other persons concerning about brides. Today I was confused how to answer my bride’s question about the most chic hairstyle, now I know the answer. I will choose the second one, Yellow features stand for the freedom of bride, still elegant and charming lady!

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