Best Bachelorette Party Favors: Tuzzie Muzzie Party Hats


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Why buy Bridezilla’s new obsession, a Tuzzie Muzzie hat? Take the satisfying sensation of a pair of three-inch heels, and triple it. After all, in these modern days, even the most style-impaired have caught onto the stilettos trend, so it’s on Bridezilla to up the vertical challenge with a jaunty sky-scraper cap. Each one of these little beauties offers an impeccably modern mix of feathers, netting, jewels and more, and look chic as can be with their slender strap masked by your curtain of hair. Soar from fashion follower to style icon in your own right with this favorite find of Bridezilla’s, harvested from this weekend’s fabulous Crave Show. Bridezilla Bonus Tip: These clever caps are perfect for a hat-themed bachelorette party or for favors at a New Year’s Wedding. Collect them all!

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