Brand Name Pronunciation of the Week: Givenchy


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Pronunciation: jee-von-shee

givenchy%20fall-winter%202007%20haute%20couture.jpg A Futuristic Wedding Dress from the Fall/Winter 2007 Collection
Cocktail Chatter Cliff’s Notes:The famous French aristocrat and fashion designer Hubert De Givenchy is forever linked with one of the greatest Bridezillas of all time: the graceful, mischievous, and dainty Audrey Hepburn. The most bona fide Bridezillas develop a signature style early in life, and Audrey Hepburn’s Givenchy devotion lasted longer than most marriages. The designer noted this trademark Bridezilla trait about the Belgian ingenue: “One thing that struck me about her, apart from her charm and elegance, was her ability to make herself loved and admired by women as well as men.” First lady Jacqueline Kennedy was also a huge Givenchy fan. Bottom line? Buy Givenchy, buy an iconoclastic place in fashion history.

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