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Lady Gaga in a Hello Kitty photoshoot

Lady Gaga in a Hello Kitty photoshoot

One part retro lover, a quarter pop culture enthusiast and two parts dare devil – Lady Gaga brings the avant garde in full force.  Be it anime meets deity or saturated in androgyny, cutting edge brides will want only the craziest.  Turn your wedding into an event worthy of a photo shoot with eye-popping accessories, venues decked out top to bottom in one single color or something as simple as a bouquet made of roses dipped in 24-karat gold.  Sometimes you just have to ask yourself, what would Gaga do?

A Vivienne Westwood gown, a Piers Atkinson beret and fuschia lipstick
A Martha Stewart tablescape, a pearl wedding cake, a canary diamond and Alexander McQueen spring 10 pumps
pink cocktails and roses dipped in gold

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