Weird Wedding #10: You May Now Kiss the Walrus


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Because it is freshly 2008, and because we at feel we didn’t get a chance to sufficiently mock things in 2007, we are doing a Top Ten Weird Weddings of 2007 feature. We will be counting down to number one over the next week, so stay tuned!

Here is our pick for number ten, Bridezilla Tina Boaz-Murray. High-five for hyphenation, but such pinniped passion is really a little out of the ordinary, we must say. We’re all for getting a little Adam and Eve-style on the Big Day (wink) but there are no giant slobbery sea creatures in Bridezilla’s particular brand of Paradise.

Unfortunately Mrs. Boaz-Murray begs to differ. The misguided bride cites the zoo as a perfect wedding venue, saying, “So many of our guests, said that the wedding ambience was so romantic – fairytale.” We must be reading different fairy tales, because in the Bridezilla version, you kiss the slimy creature before you get the handsome prince, not after!

But after all, it’s their wedding, so they should really be able to do whatever they want, right? Before you answer too quickly, note the Houston Zoo’s chilling reception details. Lush rainforest, cascading waterfalls, built-in bar? Check! A chance of blood-sucking bat sightings along with your bellini? Likely. Receptions takes place in the Natural Encounters building, where entertainment consists of “the antics of many nocturnal animal species that dwell inside the building.” Pass!

8 thoughts on “Weird Wedding #10: You May Now Kiss the Walrus”

  1. My wedding is going to be at a zoo, and while my reception isn’t amongst the animals,(my zoo has a reception hall area) and I don’t intend to kiss walruses, everyone I tell is quite excited by the idea.

  2. I’m still in the planning stage of my wedding, but I love animals and I think a zoo would make for wonderful photos and a cute different wedding.
    I did want to mention that THAT is not a walrus she is leaning for. It is a sea lion. My professor said the easy way to tell the difference between a sea lion and seal is the simple phrase “Lions have ears, seals do not.”
    One would hope you can see the noticeable difference between a sea lion & a walrus.

  3. Let me give you the big picture. My guest were entertained pre-ceremony by a gospel choir while sipping champaign amidst century old Oak trees at the entrance of the Houston Zoo. I walked down the isle along a beautiful reflection pond under a canopy of more than two dozen century old Oak trees which were wrapped in tiny twinkle lights that shimmered for my 6p wedding. While “kissing” a sea lion – it’s not a walrus – might seem strange, my guests were entertained with a private show while my wedding party took pictures after the ceremony. Kissing Rosco, the sea lion, created a fabulous picture that ran in major papers as an editorial story of the event. The Houston Zoo is a beautifully dramatic setting for a wedding…and a setting that I can go back to year after year, with my husband and kids. And just for the record – I was married in 2004. Which, I guess, now makes me ineligible for your 2007 award. Shame on you for not checking the facts first and calling a sea lion a walrus.

  4. First let me start by saying it’s a Sea Lion not a Walrus. I was at this wedding and I thought it was one of the coolest weddings I have been to. Not only was it cool it was so beautiful. Also the reception was set up outside. Next time you write an article I suggest you do your research.

  5. We are in the planning stages and the Zoo / Sea Lion is #1 on our list! Im trying to get as much info on Zoo weddings as possible! I love it!!! Seeing this pic makes me want the wedding there that much more! Wish there was more pics!


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