3 Wedding Veil Alternatives (And One Concession to the Trend)


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veils.jpgLace face not your idea of a good time? If you’d rather play gorgeous than ghostly, you may be looking for an alternative to the traditional bridal veil. Click below for a rundown of veil alternatives and why you should give up the ghost and give them a shot.

Consider a hat: Favor Ideas has a lovely post on Bridal Hats. We love the cartwheel hat a la Rita Hayworth. Just remember to still keep your hair off of your shoulders – letting hair go wild and loose runs the risk of cowgirl blues, so try a low bun that won’t interrupt the line of the hat.

How about a floral wreath? There’s a sexy Maid Marian vibe that we can’t resist. Even if you’re not getting wed outdoors in Sherwood Forest, you can still rock a sweet wreath. We like the Aloha Floral Wreath the best – the spiky mix of flowers and crystals says nature girl without going overboard.

If you’re wearing a particularly spectacular dress and you don’t want to distract from it, add just a little something extra to your updo with a lovely bridal hairpiece. Whether you go for classic pearls or rubies and gold, adding a bit of sparkle to your hairstyle is a fabulous way to make sure all eyes are on you at all times – exactly where they should be.

Can’t give up the dream? In that case, Bridezilla says go all the way with the longest veil you can find, as seen in the first photo in this entry. If you can’t give up traditions, then sweep the floor with them!
Photo via GlamGal.

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