Bridezilla Gets Her Message Across


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loch1.jpg A tip-off from Fashionista has turned us on to one of the most Bridezilla-friendly labels we’ve ever seen. Haven’t you ever wished you could look like the sweet, good-hearted princess that you are while simultaneously reminding everyone you have some serious claws? Parisian label Locher’s makes it all possible with pastel-tinted sweetheart shirts accented with pretty embroidery and positively dirty little bon-mots to communicate what you’re really thinking. Follow the jump to see what this shirt has to say…

Compared to some of the other designs, this shirt is relatively tame; still, we love that it’s delicate enough to wear anywhere but will still remind the White Mafia of wedding planners and scammers that you’re not to be trifled with. A little too vendetta-revealing for you? Keep your more scandalous side subtle, and drop hints to the fiance that you’d sure enjoy this unexpected bit of Parisian sweetness. Locher’s, je t’aime!

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