Queen of Style: Rebellious Brides


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Celebrity wedding dresses

For some brides traditional style just won’t cut it.  Even a few of Hollywood’s glamorous “It” girls have given the “white wedding” a swift backhand to the face (complete with chunky rings to make sure it leaves a mark).

The famous bride-to-be times eight, Elizabeth Taylor, dropped the white in favor of yellow in nuptial number five to actor Richard Burton.

Trend-setter Gwen Stefani found her dream dress in a touch of traditional mixed with an ombre pink wash.

For sultry stripteaser Dita Von Teese, a darkly romantic deep blue was only natural.

Celebrity wedding dresses

If  “go big or go home” is your motto, then put down the white gown and sashay right in to the wide world of colorful wedding dresses.  For the truly daring, forget labels and shop the prom section to score creative treasures like a peacock-style dress.  Take modern sophistication to new levels in a steel gray gown or go big and flouncy in soft pastels for the ultimate in feminine allure.

Colorful wedding dresses

For rule-breaking brides, the first step in moving away from tradition is finding a gown in anything but pure white.  Go ahead, it’s easier than you think!

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    • I love it, too! She’s one of the few celebrities who consistently takes fashion risks and for the most part, even on her wedding day, they’ve all paid off.

  1. My friend who is getting married linked me to this site to see some of the dresses. This article caught my eye. My mom handed me a needle and thread when I was 4 and taught me to use the machine when I was 10, and I haven’t stopped sewing since. When I got married, I naturally made my dress. I’m pale, and white washes me out terribly. I fell in love with this sky blue silk brocade with small gold spirals on it. I made a beautiful tea length wedding dress out of it, and found a matching sheer fabric with gold spirals at the bottom to use as my veil. We had an extremely small courthouse wedding (5 guests), but when we went outside to take pictures, I had so many random people giving compliments on my dress and veil. Every bride wears white or off white, if you truly want to stand out, a bright unexpected color is the way to go.

    • I couldn’t agree more. If white isn’t your thing, don’t let tradition pressure you into wearing it. If you’re nervous of bold color, try something subtle like a champagne color. There are no rules written in stone (at least I haven’t seen them yet) dictating what you must wear on your wedding day.

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