Sapphic Wedding Style Tips


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Bridezilla, table for two

Whether you’re Boston-bound or exchanging rings in a simple hometown civil union ceremony, you and your Bridezilla-to-be might find yourselves tussling over which one of you gets to don the cathedral-trained Vera Wang and which one is stuck with the more streamlined look. After all, you want your wedding photos to look more loving couple and less Doublemint twins, right? Along comes Dolce & Gabbana to solve all your problems with this genius Tuxedo Dress. It’s a clever nod to the bride-and-groom cliche, and you’ll be glad to let her go the veil and lace route when you’ve got this sleek frock for your altar debut. We recommend Garbo-red lips and a chignon to complete the look – not that anyone will doubt your fierceness after experiencing a ceremony with double the Bridezillas.

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