The Bridal Coif: Is The Updo Over?


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We’ve always been fans of the simple, chic updo for the wedding day, the better to support the veil/tiara/hippie-chic crown of flowers, but today we’re re-thinking. The recent resurgence of old-Hollywood glamour has us craving the vintage big curls and scarlet lips combo seen back in the day on starlets like Rita Hayworth and Veronica Lake. We’ve been seeing the look crop up again from the runway to the red carpet, and now it has us thinking – could loose curls possibly replace the classic chignon?

We’re not sure on how well it works with a veil, since long hair and red lips is a pretty potent combination on its own. We say try this look for every day before you abandon the updo completely. Try The Knot’s tips on creating perfect curls, or go with a looser look, as seen above, from their Hair Gallery. What do you think, Bridezillas?

1 thought on “The Bridal Coif: Is The Updo Over?”

  1. I don’t think updo is totally out. Brides are just starting to realize that it looks better on some than others. Loose curls are gorgeous but after a few hours can start to fall rather flat. I’d stick with some sort of half up, half down combo. It looks good to pull at least a few strands up, generally, and gives a slightly formal look.


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