Bridal Color Wheel

Posted by on 10 Aug, 2011

Break the bridal mold and go full on funky or just crack the mold a bit and surprise your audience with a bold accessory.  The key is in complementing your personality.  Try a little jade green toe nail polish, a vibrant hit of violet eye shadow or throw out tradition and turn your aisle into a red carpet with a gorgeous gown in any color.  No wedding rule is set in stone.


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  1. On 14 Aug, 2011, Jenn said:

    Love the colors, especially the purple. I’m a little biased though, it was my wedding colors!

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    • On 15 Aug, 2011, Bridezilla said:

      I’m right there with you. My favorites are the purple lips and the jade green rings!

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  2. On 01 Sep, 2011, DIY Wedding Invitations said:

    Like a colourful kaleidoscopic!

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