Bridezilla Breathalizer: Best Bachelorette Party Favor Ever

Posted by on 28 Mar, 2007

bridezillabreathalizer.jpgMake bellinis, not bail! This ingenious combination key chain breathalizer and parking meter timer is the ultimate bachelorette party accessory! Swarovski- encrusted bridal propaganda and phallic outerwear are fun, but this accessory just debuted as the new bachelorette party essential. With this clever device alerting you when its time to feed the meter, you and your girls can get tanked without getting towed (a major moodkiller) while the breathalizer component ensures you are sober enough that you won’t have to “team drive” home. Now when you hear the sirens, you’ll know it’s just the strippers arriving!

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  1. On 09 Apr, 2007, Ariana said:

    This is the coolest gift ever! I want it for all my girls nights out!

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