Bridezilla on Monster-in-Law Island: A Guide To Surviving Your Future Husband's Family


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1. Remember, he was theirs first: Sure, you’ve had him in your hot little hands ever since grade school/high school/college/that time you met him at the bar, but they’ve had him a lot longer. They’re going to feel possessive and protective and other annoying “p” words, and will probably be hugely obnoxious about it. Don’t stand for it! Make it clear who the new boss is – he was theirs before, but he’s yours now and forever.
2. If the ‘zilla-in-laws refuse to get it, try to keep in mind that you all have at least one thing in common: a great deal of love for the man you’re going to marry. After those five seconds have passed, think about the things you don’t have in common, like the fact that you’re being perfectly rational and they’re being unnecessarily annoying. Sure, they may be able to exert their evil in-law influence and make the two of you sleep in separate beds, but soon you’ll have a house of your own and you can make the in-laws take separate rooms, or even the couch.

3. Be on the offensive. If they’re ready with unnecessarily scathing remarks, be ready with snappy retorts. Give it as good as you get it. You’re no shrinking Bridezilla, and this is no time to be cowed! If you back down now, they’ll think they can defeat you forever. Plan your battle strategy and be aware that no matter what tactics they use, you’ll win this war – you get their boy, after all.
4. Confuse them with shows of goodwill! When the fiance is around, impress with your good behavior and kindness. Compliment the cooking. Better yet, ask for recipes. But if your future mother-in-law sees fit to insult your own cooking, retaliate by faking food poisoning next time you’re over for dinner.
5. Find your allies – a sweet sister, perhaps – and make your alliances accordingly. The enemy of Bridezilla’s enemy is her friend. You might get extra wedding help out of it, and you’ll have someone on your side should any family arguments come up. Recon never hurt anybody either. If you want the inside track to who you should get to know in the family, ask your future hubby. He knows them best, after all! You may even end up with a new friend or bridesmaid!
It may be their turf, but it can be your battle if you play it right! If you can’t slay them with kindness and your sparkling charm, don’t be afraid to top off that honey with a splash of vinegar. After all, you’re marrying your fiance, not his family!

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