Bridezilla interviews Dr. 90210: Wedding Salon Spectacular

Posted by on 02 Oct, 2007

Wedding Salon was a blur of celebrity faces, but one of the top sightings was surgeon-to-the-stars Dr. 90210 Robert Rey! Here, Bridezilla interviews Mrs. 90210 about her secret to a happy marriage, and asks the one question everyone is dying to ask the Dr. himself. Also, stay tuned for one shocking R-rated moment, oh my!

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  1. On 02 Oct, 2007, Anna said:

    wow – she’s either on a sugar high or too used to being on TV. Speaking of sugar, did they have dessert samples there? I’d be interested to hear what the upcoming trends are.

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  2. On 02 Oct, 2007, Chris Furniss said:

    Very hard-hitting interview! Way to be Bridezillas. Way to be.

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  3. On 02 Oct, 2007, Ariana said:

    I can’t believe you got to meet him! He even tried to make you blush! Go Bridezilla.

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