The Finer Things in Life: America the Beautifully Dressed


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As much as we love our Balenciagas and Burberrys, sometimes it’s nice to get a little patriotic with respect to our favorite American designers. One nation, under the deity of your choice, with liberty and luxury for us, right? Something like that. Since it’s nearly the weekend, we’re ready to go out, and how better to dress than in America’s finest? We might even consider ditching the white wedding gown for some of these looks…

Zac Posen offers a ruffled blouse and skirt look (left) that travels well from a nice dinner out straight to the dance floor. The skirt has a cummerbund detail that works equally well for a non-traditional wedding ceremony – make the groom wear white and turn heads all the way down the aisle.


Speaking of non-traditional wedding wear, we love the black tie dominatrix librarian look of this Betsey Johnson satin bow blouse and corset skirt. The puff sleeves keep it pretty while the corset cummerbund makes it clear that you could easily be hiding a whip somewhere, and frankly we like presenting people with that kind of mystery.


The last chance sale has us thirsting for all the Ralph Lauren we can get, and with his multitude of labels, there’s certainly plenty to choose from. If only we could tear our eyes away from this gorgeous velvet halter dress long enough to focus on things we can actually afford…


Just when we think we have Vera Wang pegged, she surprises us with this saucy little number, the plum-colored Embellished Metallic Dress. Take this one straight to the dance floor and let yourself glimmer, darling, you’re gorgeous.

5 thoughts on “The Finer Things in Life: America the Beautifully Dressed”

  1. On episode #15 of Bridezillas/ Rob and candace.. Rob is the biggest wimp I’ve ever seen.. To go against his family for that pig he calls a fiance was so disrespectful. How could he go after his sister as if he was going to fight her physically over that piece of trash, and yes she is WHITE TRASH. He sat his stupid, sell out a** there and let this sow talk about and say how much she hated his family, and he sits looking dumb as all get out.. He is one they are welcome to.. What kind of fiance would tell her future husband to choose between his family and her!?! His dumb a** actually chose!!! She kept talking about how his family didn’t come around to their apartment… Well, I wonder had she ever thought that it might be her?! We don’t visit one of my brothers for that same reason, and he knows this. He comes to see us. This pig called his sisters ignorant, and ghetto, talked of one of his sisters being on welfare and to keep having babies, which is borderline racial, but this idiot Rob, wants a pig to bad that he puts up with anything.. I wouldn’t be surprised if he let her get away with saying the N word.. He looked real stupid getting up in his mothers face trying to protect that pig.. Like I said, they are welcome to him, because I wouldn’t want a man who would disrespect his mother like that, and over a skank like that.. Oh how I wish I could write and congratulate rob and his sow of a wife…

  2. We just got the Candace and Rob Bridezilla. Rob is one of the strongest men around. He chose his wife over his sisters, who wished him ill will. Now they are expecting-good on them.

  3. Well, his sisters behaved badly too. They were being loud and ghetto.
    However, I agree with you…Rob should have handled it better. I know he wanted to defend his wife-to-be, but family is still family.
    I don’t like certain members of my family, but no outsider can hurt my family and expect to walk away unscathed.
    She had no business telling him to choose between his family and herself. My ex-boyfriend was black. His mother and other relatives/friends HATED me because I’m biracial, very light-skinned, and of a different culture. His mother was a bitch.
    She was still his mother. No matter how I felt about her or anybody else, I would never have been disrespectful. I had to be polite whenever she would say something stupid. Maybe I’m too nice, but it’s the way I was raised. The whole family had problems.
    Rob’s sisters were out of line but so was Candice. I think interracial relationships/marriages of ALL kinds are wonderful, but this seems to be one of the reasons there was an issue in the first place. There is tension between black and white women when it comes to this.
    I agree with Teena…she does seem like the type who will call people the “N” word. I know two girls who are JUST like her. Both of them bear a physical resemblance to her, too, except that one (her name is Fiona) is shorter and smaller. These are two white girls who love the attention bestowed on them by black/Latino men, but they hate women of color. On separate occasions I’ve been called racist names by white women because they were jealous that a “non-white” woman was prettier with a better body and better personality. Some white girls think they deserve it all. Not everyone wants you! Another time, a white female acquaintance in college complained that it bothered her when a cute white guy came in with his non-white girlfriend. She worked as a waitress, was reared in a very racist home, and referred to the girl as “this little dark person”. She went on to proudly state that she felt “privileged to be blonde”. Honey, blonde hair is nothing special. Anyone can be blonde with the help of some bleach. The fact that you have blue/hazel/green eyes and I have brown eyes means nothing. Your silky blonde hair doesn’t make me inferior to you. It doesn’t make you sexier, prettier, more feminine, more of a woman.
    Pfft…I don’t judge people based on skin color. I come with an open mind. But it is what it is. If you disrespect me for no reason, I will be unpleasant too.

  4. *Applaud to Teena*
    … finally, someone who understands. First of all, Candace and her new husband are a disgrace. How dare he allow his “finace” to disrespect his family like that. Yes I do admit that his sisters were very loud, but he hasn’t taken up on their sides one bit. Now that he made it clear who he really loves, he better not need call them when that Bytch leaves him. If I were his sisters I would stay out of his life forever (as he and his wife asked) and not even show up to his funeral. That bastard!


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