Fall Wedding Trend #5: Wedding Salon Spectacular


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5Orchids, orchids everywhere.

If there is one in-demand fall flower for 2007, it is undoubtedly the orchid. From single blooms placed on table settings, to lush clusters stuffed elaborately into tall elegant vases, to orchids hanging from the ceiling with dainty translucent threads, interpersed with crystal strands, these exotic flowers were absolutely everywhere at Wedding Salon. As one wedding vendor pointed out to Bridezilla, orchids are a great choice for wedding flowers because there is such a huge variety of color and style. Also, despite their delicate appearance, orchids are actually extremely resilient blooms, long outlasting their more fickle flower sisters-not unlike Bridezilla herself! Costly but worth it, Bridezillas would be wise to incorporate orchids into their autumn affairs for an elegant, unexpected look. Bridezilla Bonus Tip: Intersperse orchids with crystals, hanging vases or branches for a Bridezilla This Minute motif.

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