Bridezilla Spotting 2: Check Out This Train Wreck

Posted by on 21 Jan, 2009

It’s bridezilla season again and we’re hunting for candid photos of bridezillas in their natural habitats. As shown below, a bridezilla depicted mid train wreck. Walk it off, fellow bridezilla!

Help us celebrate the opening of bridezilla season by sending us photos of your inner bridezilla unleashed. Any red-faced, fists-clenched moments of pure, unadulterated rage will do. Bonus if there’s actually steam coming out of your ears. E-mail: with subject “Bridezilla Picture” and your photo will be featured in an upcoming post.

We found this photo at Funny Wedding Photos. Got a funny caption? Comment below!

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  1. On 22 Jan, 2009, Henry said:

    That’s hilarious. I just know she’s going to lash out at the old man – father of the bride?
    Keep the photos coming.

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