Bridezilla's Mad About this Bachelorette Party Game


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As a wee zilla, Mad Libs were our thing. We played them on the bus. We played them with our third-grade crush. We played them at slumber parties, dreaming up stories about the boys we liked and the girls we hated. At recess, Mad Libs circled the playground and the game lasted all of two minutes before someone tried to slip in (gulp) a dirty word. If you’re a fellow Mad Libber, good news: They’re baack. With adorable pin-up cover art. And just in time for your bridezilla bachelorette party!

The rules are simple: one player asks you to blindly fill in the blanks of a story with random adjectives, nouns, and verbs. It’s best played after bridezilla downs a couple of martinis. Hilarity ensues when you read the story out loud. Play Mad Libs en route to ladies’ night. Or ditch the penis paraphernalia and give your bachelorette bash a retro twist.

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