Bridezilla Declares "Bouquet Chic" is Magnifique!


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“I became a florist more through kismet than ambition.” With such a thrilling Charles Dickins-esque beginning, you know “Bouquet Chic” by wedding florist Kimberly Aurora Kapur is going to deliver.

In fact, Kapur’s book is a perfect bouquet of sparkling prose and spectacular photography. From how-to tips to history, one could easily spend a lazy afternoon getting lost in this lovely book.

By far the best thing about Bouquet Chic, though, is the stunning versatility. From pretty, to artsy, to natural and glamorous, there is no nosegay or cascade this wedding flowerista can’t create with petal-deft precision. Not only is her style diverse, Kapur works in eclectic materials to give her wedding bouquets a totally edgy look.

With style like this, it’s no surprise that Kapur started flower-arranging at age 15 (incidentally, this is the age Bridezilla first stomped on a carnation from a well-meaning suitor). If you need some floral inspiration, this book is a bargain of beauty at only $21.95. Bridezilla Bonus Tip: Resist the urge to try and inhale the pages.

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