Bridezilla 911: Stain on Your Wedding Day


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Thumbnail image for shocked bride.pngYou’re dancing the chicken dance with Grandpa when a flying elbow knocks the glass out of his hand, splashing red wine all over your lily white Vera Wang. Why was Grandpa dancing with a drink? And why were you getting down to the chicken dance? Not important. Because you have only 30 seconds to remove the crimson stain from your couture dress. No time for tears: Blot bridezilla, blot you never have before.

Every bridezilla needs a back-up plan for drips, dribbles, and disasters. A stain not only ruins your dress, it leaves a mark of imperfection on the entire day. Hallak Cleaners, the chosen dry cleaners for Hermes, Gucci, and Chanel gave bridezilla a few tips. Here’s what to do when faced with a stain-on-couture-dress scenario.

* First, pretend it’s an ink-blot test and study the stain. Is it water-based or oil based? Not all stains are created equal.

*After you figure out what the stain is, it’s time to find the antidote. Test the stain solution on a hidden area of your dress to ensure it won’t turn an ugly yellow.

Bridezilla’s Solutions to Common Stains:

  • Make-up: Lemon Dish Detergent (perk: smells yummy)
  • Fresh Blood (ew): Peroxide
  • Champagne: Don’t sip. Wipe carefully with cold water, fan out and blow dry
  • Car grease: Use Lestoil.
    Bridezilla Bonus Hint: Don’t ever change a tire in your wedding gown.

Keep these remedies handy on the Big Day. Or check out Hallak’s bridal emergency kit. It includes emergency repair items for rips, tears, spots, stains and other unexpected wedding day surprises like funky breath and fallen curls.

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