Valentine's Day Gifts for Every Zilla on Your List


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Valentine’s Day is about spreading the love, so pick up something for your betrothed, your bestie, and everyone else on using Bridezilla’s Red Hot List! Read on for smoldering and sweet V-day gifts for the various loves of your life.

Spinster Sister Valentine’s Gift.

The Soppiest Day of the Year is looming, and if you’re saddled with a grousing spinster sibling to rival Patty and Selma on the Simpsons, sweeten your sibling’s day with this funny frog prince chocolate collection from Red Envelope. If she doesn’t dissolve into croaking smoker’s cough laughter, even the most cynical sis can’t help but crack a smile at this cheerful gesture of optimism that also involves eating chocolate. Each box includes nine yummy froggy truffles, including one delectable prince in a 24 karat gold crown! For maximum good sibling karma, include tickets for two to Wicked!
Bridezilla Bonus Tip: Mwahhahhaa

Groomzilla Valentine’s Day Gift.

No matter how many times Groomzilla walks in on you in an alien green mud mask, he still manages to associate baths with sex. Good for him! Stoke the Valentine’s Day visuals when you give him this bamboo bath caddy as a V-day gift. This Valentine’s Day gift for guys works on many levels-it’s creative, practical, and still sexy. The smooth bamboo feels streamlined and masculine, as do the many delightful compartments. You on the other hand, can fill out with all the flowers, wine, and other feminine flourishes you need to have a Bridezilla-worthy Valentine’s Day. Swoon!
Bridezilla Bonus Tip: Rubber Ducky, you’re the one…

Bestie Valentine’s Day Gift.

The lotus is a longtime symbol of beauty’s triumph over adversity, so what better Valentine’s day gift for Bridezilla’s bestie than a lotus fountain for her lady lair? Whether you chooses to put it in her home or office, this graceful fountain will infuse her with peace, serenity, and elegance. For special occasions, she can even fill it with river rocks or floating candles. How lovely indeed! We like this gift because it’s feminine without screaming “Valentine’s Day!”
Bridezilla Bonus Tip: Welcome to Lotus Land.

Bridezilla Valentine’s Day gift:

Any true Bridezilla of course knows the value of self-love, so don’t forget to pamper yourself with a luxurious treat this Valentine’s Day! We recommend some cozy cherry blossom pajamas to put you in a spring-time mood. Festive without being fussy, these crisp and cozy pjs are just the thing you need to be a Cherry Blossom Girl for your Groomzilla. Also, some beautiful bedtime wear will help dull the pain of the trashy red Fredrick’s of Hollywood teddy he will inevitably purchase you this year-for best results, pair with a glass of red wine.
Bridezilla Bonus Tip: Do to me please, what spring does to the cherry trees.

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