Bridezilla Spotting 3: Another Wild Bridezilla

Posted by on 13 Feb, 2009

Just when you thought bridezilla season was over! This bridezilla looks beautiful, even with the murderous look on her face. She’s probably ready to hit groomzilla over the head with her bouquet. We’ve all been there.

Weddings can turn even the most patient bride into a red-faced, vein-popping, weapon-wielding bridezilla. Page through your own wedding proofs – surely there’s a candid shot of you at your bridezilla best. Embrace it! Send us your bridezilla photos and we’ll feature you in an upcoming Bridezilla Spotting. Email: with the subject line “Bridezilla Picture”.

bridezilla bouquet.jpg

Photo found at Beach Walk Photography. Comment below with a funny caption!

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