Cool Wedding Sites in Crappy Towns Relaunches: Nominate Your Favorite!

Posted by on 28 Jan, 2010

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Big news in ‘zillaland: One of our bridesmaid minions scours the airwaves in search of bridezilla mentions and she heard something that’s like music to our ears — the bridezilla blog was mentioned on Jackie and Bender, a hilarious morning show on KISS FM Seattle! (By the way, Jackie and Bender, we’re actually not related to that TV show).
They mentioned bridezilla because of our Cool Wedding Sites in Crappy Town series, which was inspired by KISS FM’s popular contest.
We’re at it again. The coolest wedding sites in the crappiest towns will get a write up on bridezilla. Here’s your chance to nominate the best, the most baller wedding locale in a town so crappy no bridezilla would dare step her stiletto on the soil.
Is there a cool castle in Gary, Indiana? A stunning chateau in Chattanooga, Tennessee? A breathtaking beach in Anywhere, Alabama? Comment below with the location or email us at and we’ll feature a write up of your cool wedding site in an upcoming post. Bonus points if there’s tumble weed blowing around outside.
We’re also accepting nominations for crappy wedding sites in cool towns. So if you’re inspired to send in a blah banquet hall or horrible hotel that’s set against spectacular scenery, send it along!

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  1. On 01 Feb, 2010, Krista said:

    Norton, Massachusetts. Hands-down one of the lamest places in all the land. However, there is a school there, Wheaton College, which is the oldest establishment for womens’ higher education in the nation and there is a gorgeous old chapel on campus!
    Acoustics are lovely.
    There is a mega-huge organ.
    Robert Frost read there.
    Two-tiers of seating.
    And original, creaky pews.
    New England is chalk full of nice churches and neat chapels in old weird towns. It’s a perk, I guess, of living in original 1700 or 1800 wood paneling. And no insulation.

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  2. On 03 Feb, 2010, April said:

    San Luis Rey, CA…if you look it up on the map it doesn’t even come up. Type in the zip code and it says Oceanside. However, hidden away along a dirt road is a tropical paradise…appropriately named Paradise Gardens. The website needs updating too but if you see it in person it is amazing!!!

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