Top Celebrity Engagement Rings Styles for V-Day Proposals


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Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular engagement days of the year, especially for celebrities and bridezillas. In recent years, Harrison Ford, Vince Vaughn, and even Howard Stern popped the question on Valentine’s Day. With the upcoming romantic comedies “Leap Year” and the aptly named “Valentine’s Day”, Hollywood is buzzing about the perfect engagement ring and hottest proposals.

My ears are perked too. There’s nothing like celebrity engagement bling to get a bridezilla’s heart rate pumping.

And when I say bling, I mean bling. Amy Adams, Rachel Bilson, and Jessica Alba are all dripping in diamonds and platinum, and each one is a showstopper. Naturally-white platinum means diamonds sparkle that much brighter, and it’s durable – all those little celebrity children will have quite the heirloom to look forward to. 

Check out some of my favorites. I’ve even given a couple Bridezilla tips so if you and your man-zilla are craving the celebrity style, you can do so at a slightly lower cost.

You’re welcome.

Penelope Cruz Engagement Ring
I love Ms Cruz’s non-traditional sapphire ring surrounded by pave diamonds. The Kirk Kara look-alike retails for $4,785… without the center stone.
Emily Blunt Engagement Ring

Classic and oh-so shiny, Emily Blunt has a stunner on her ring-finger. Platinum and diamonds (lots and lots of diamonds), Chad Allison’s similar style at around $3,500 (center-stoneless of course).

Carrie Underwood Engagement Ring

Girlie, you are going to tip right over with a rock like that on your hand. Exactly the way it should be. This platinum sparkler features a cushion cut center ensconced in a halo of more diamonds. All this could be yours at a delightful $4,500 (without center stone) courtesy of Mark Patterson.

There you have it. A platinum showdown. I can’t wait to see what other celebrity engagements will abound in only a couple of weeks.

For all of your platinum needs, be sure to check out Precious Platinum . For everything else wedding related, come right back here to Bridezilla. Stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “Top Celebrity Engagement Rings Styles for V-Day Proposals”

  1. My wedding ring is a gorgeous diamond platinum antique from the 1920s. We found my platinum diamond eternity wedding band incredibly cheaply from an antique market.
    Hubby’s ring is an antique platinum band too, engraved all over with a flowered pattern.
    My pearls and earrings were both antique as well!
    I love antique – I think it’s incredibly romantic, and it’s eco as well.


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