First-Ever Marriage Hunting Bra Unveiled

Posted by on 13 May, 2009

Bridezilla has seen our share of bad wedding ideas: denim wedding dresses, Star Wars reception themes, mini-skirt wedding gowns… the list goes on. But this has to be the worst wedding invention we’ve ever seen!
marriage hunting bra.jpg
Introducing, the Marriage-Hunting bra, recently unveiled in Tokyo. The wearer sets her marriage-deadline date and the clock counts it down. It also has a pen and seal holster for signing marriage contracts.
It’s just what every single woman needs — an oh-so flattering, boxy front from wearing a digital clock in their bra, coupled with the constant reminder that they’re still single. Do they reset the clock every time they break up with a beau? And aren’t bras supposed to uplift, not bring a girl down?
Japanese characters on the bra read, “now hunting for a husband.” With that sexy statement of desperation (snort), this beautiful model might as well be wearing a chastity belt. And get this: when an engagement ring is inserted between the cups, the melody “The Wedding March,” is played to celebrate the engagement. Experts predict proposals will take a weird new turn in 2010.

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  1. On 13 May, 2009, sebrina s. said:

    That is possibly the greatest gag gift idea I have ever seen… I have so many friends who would love one of these…

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