Monday Bridezilla Bites: Hot Summer Sales and Wedding Exhibits


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Lazy bridesmaids got you down? Upset that because of the current economy, you can’t afford the wedding of your bridezilla dreams? The exhibit Wedding Tales – a collection of artifacts of Jewish Weddings in 1930’s will make you see that bridezilla doesn’t have it all that bad. Israeli artist and writer Leora Wise put together this collection of memories Holocaust survivors have of their weddings. Wedding Tales is being hosted by the Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center of Central Florida in Maitland.
Tired of Target towels? Want to create one single registry with multiple stores without looking like a total bridezilla? Try Wishpot – the newest way to register. Like a bridezilla genie, it allows you to add all the things you love from any store to your list and share it with your friends. Now only if you could get your wedding guests to buy them!
And finally, let your groom-to-be in on this bite. is having a huge 10% off sale until May 31.

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