If money were no object…what wedding splurge would you choose?

Posted by on 15 Aug, 2008

We’ve all seen enough “Platinum Weddings” to know that money doesn’t always buy you bridezilla taste. How many times have you watched that garish show, grumbling to yourself “If I had that much money, I’d know exactly what to do for my wedding.” So it’s Friday, which means it’s time for a little workday escapism.

Let your imagination wander and tell us….if money were no object, what’s the number one wedding splurge on your list? A skyscraper solitaire? A posh honeymoon in Positano? Tell us in the comments below, and don’t spare one dreamy jewel-dripped detail!

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  1. On 15 Aug, 2008, Ariana said:

    If I were to do the wedding all over, and had no limit of money, I would spend it all on….making it a weekend affair. All my guests spending a 3-day weekend in adult cabins like we were back in summer camp. A weekend of BBQs, swimming, games, hiking, etc. All with my nearest and dearest. My friend’s did this for their wedding, it was so much fun, I want to do it for my 10-year anniversary!

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  2. On 15 Aug, 2008, Elizabeth said:

    I would get a really nice tiara. That would be for me, but if it were for the actual wedding, I would have to say honeymoon in Greece.

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  3. On 15 Aug, 2008, The Virtual Bridesmaid said:

    I would turn my wedding into a weekend-long event!
    The Virtual Bridesmaid

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  4. On 15 Aug, 2008, Anna said:

    I would have the ceremony at the chapel in Sweden’s royal palace (Stockholm)!
    http://tinyurl.com/5gktqm — too bad the picture isn’t that great

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  5. On 16 Aug, 2008, Cara said:

    Hummmmm I’d splurge on the location…. I don’t know what my absolute DREAM one would be… but it would be fantastic ! I’d also pay for lodging and plane tickets for everyone.

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  6. On 16 Aug, 2008, Valorie said:

    If I could have a wedding any way I wanted I would have an old fashion traditional church wedding. I would place all my guest in the best suites money could buy. I would then give them all gift baskets. It would be a weekend event. I can go on and on and on.

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  7. On 22 Aug, 2008, Twistie said:

    I enjoyed my wedding so much that I can’t imagine changing it very much. I loved my gown, the site, the food, the honeymoon, the music, the officient, the flowers (which I did very simply myself)…I think being broke made me really consider every aspect more carefully and gave me a wedding I’m still delighted with fifteen years later.
    But if I’d been offered a huge wad of cash at the time, Mr. Twistie and I would probably have headed to London for our honeymoon instead of Vancouver…but we had such a great time in Canada that I’m kind of glad we didn’t get our dream honeymoon.
    And we did get to London later. I was amazing. I want to go back.

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