Monday Bridezilla Bites

Posted by on 30 Jul, 2007

Good morning to you too, Bloomingdales: get an extra 40% off all sale merchandise today only.
Fake designer bags – they’re not just fashion terrorism. Keep this article in mind the next time you hit Canal Street, and remember, Bridezillas invest in bargains (or, wallet willing, the real thing), not fakes.
Bridalwave links to this Crystal Skull tiara for the exceptionally rebellious Bridezilla; we have no quarrel with the Gothic subculture, but ladies, if you must favor the darker side of life, let’s lean more toward Morticia Addams than Hot Topic mallcore, okay?
Discount designer headquarters has a blog called Flypaper. Fun, celeb-leaning content just a click away from Kate Spade? Yes please.
In other blog news, the Gawker Media empire has expanded into fashion with new blog Jezebel. While we’re a bit skeptical, the NYU college student in us that religiously checked Gawker Stalker every day means we’re still going to keep an eye on this one – anyway, we really like the name.

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