Wedding Frock O' the Week: Lazaro


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Did someone order an Urban Princess? This lovely Lazaro wedding gown, courtesy of the Spring 2006 collection, will have your guests catching their collective breaths.
Full of sultry attitude with just the right touch of regal, we love how the sexy froth of the English net gown flows from the hard metal beading intricately encrusting the lace bodice. The sparkle net underlay is pure fashion fantasy and the full gathered skirt is just big enough to be oh-so-bridal, without bordering into ostentatious. You’ll feel like wedding royalty as you hold court in this couture vision.

11 thoughts on “Wedding Frock O' the Week: Lazaro”

  1. All I can say is it’s ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE…you all have done a wonderful job, I’m thrilled!!!
    Lets leave the flowers on the front off since they aren’t really going to be seen. I kind of like the simplicity of just the plain white w/the color around the bottom. She’s such a little girl I think simple is better. But I’m definitely satisfied the the decision to put the flowers on the back. And your idea to put both the chocolate/pink together was fabulous.. it’s beautiful!! And the little headband is great as well. It’s all just perfect!!
    Thank you so much for all your help!

  2. This dress is wrapped up in a box that is almost as tall as me, after having been taken to the dry cleaners: this was my quince dress. This dress made me feel magical! its beautiful. its actually tull, but the detail is absolutely ….there are no words to describe it. Its THE dress.


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